Are you a city council candidate? Sign the pledge!

City councils have several tools to support affordable housing in their communities, including dedicating land and reducing red tape to make it more efficient for non-profit and Indigenous housing providers and co-ops to protect and build affordable homes.  

We’re asking every mayoral and council candidate across BC to show their support for affordable housing in their communities by signing the housing pledge.

  • Include affordable housing targets to meet the unique needs of Indigenous people in housing needs reports
  • Streamline municipal permitting and rezoning processes to fast-track development of rental housing, with a specific focus on affordable rental housing
  • Waive development cost-charges for non-profit and co-op housing developments
  • Contribute public land to non-profit and co-op housing developments for new affordable homes
  • Delegate approvals of non-profit and co-op housing developments that are consistent with Official Community Plans to municipal staff

If you are a candidate and wish to sign the pledge, please fill out the form below. One of our campaign staff members will then contact you to verify your request and make it official.